Surround Lighting

Illuminate targeted spaces such as an entire room, hall or passage and enable users to utilize and navigate through the whole space with ease and comfort. Light rays and reflections are employed to give target areas all the brighten it deserves.

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Specific Lightings

Start shedding required light rays on specific activities being carried out in an entire space; this includes reading, sewing, repairs, and computer work. Specific lighting gives users all the radiance it may need at a smaller focal point to aid their precision and efficacy.  Professionally, we cautiously avoid harsh or dazzling light with repugnant effects and troublesome shades. Focal lighting best deserves a separate control from an overall room control to regulate congenial tendencies. 

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Accent Lighting

Send quality light rays to a specific but wider area of interest to achieve the desired effect. Accent lighting commonly highlights an architectural feature, a plant, a sculpture or a collection of objects. Effective accent lighting requires the installation of three times more light on the focal point than existing light on the rest of the space.

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Flood Lighting

Spread wide-spanning lighting effect on terrain and brighten up all vague and hidden nooks. Protect lives, properties as well as public locations from robbery and vandalism. Stadiums, parking lots and some edifice utilize LED for superior spotlighting.

     Landscape Lighting

Cover your closer radius and gain control over your immediate environment. Landscape lighting illuminates various outdoor concerns of private and public spaces such as parks, office building terraces, and public verandas. Purposefully, globes, spotlights and LED light fixtures are specifically chosen to suit either security needs or public enjoyment. We render our exquisite skill in organic design, LED use, light pollution, scale, and controls into bringing the visionary concept to you. 

Motion Sensor Lighting

With the aid of motion sensors, you can now brighten up the moment heat radiation is detected. When people, animals, and cars move within coverage, lights automatically come on, and it can be timed to stay as long as 20 minutes after detection. Motion sensor lights are night-only activated and energy conserving. 



Spotlights direct focused light on key areas, especially in accent and lighting and landscaping.  These lamps beam quality light rays in a narrow pattern, straight at a focal point. These include signage, doors, fixtures, and details projected to an audience.  

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